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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Corona ran right through my whole family, and on top of all the lockdowns and fear that I was struggling to contend with, now I had it myself.

A month of a bad cough, a little fever, soreness of the limbs, and the worst part of all, the EXHAUSTION!

I was on track and had tons of momentum with my goals going into the pandemic, chalking up some massive victories in my personal life like CANCELING NETFLIX and Disney+ 9 (yes, I had both, lol).

It turns out that the standards and goals for myself needed to be hugely RECALIBRATED to continue any growth process at all.

I made a PLAN B

Plan Bs can look like settling or even failure to an outsider of your life.

It really is reorienting yourself based on your current reality and making your goals practical in the NOW.

So, instead of reinstalling the streaming services that I had worked so hard to cancel, I blew the dust off the inferior prime video service, hoping that it would prove less addictive.

I took a step back from the pressure I put on myself to get assignments done in advance and let things slide to put my severely depleted energy and limited efforts more into self-care.

What did that look like?

Once I corona was almost entirely behind me, I restarted my twice a week trainer, but this time with consistency that I never was able to establish in my pre-corona life.

Between my daily walks, twice a week workouts, and daily journaling, I slowly got back on my feet, completed the semester alive, and built new positive habits, two of which I am maintaining.

Take away's for me:

1- Plan Bs are inevitable, show maturity in a growth process, and are essential to maintain progress.

2- I shocked myself that I could maintain a positive habit in such a lowly state. It showed me that I am capable of building even more positive habits in my life.

3- Flexible goals are more likely to succeed than rigid ones. By allowing some streaming, I was able to get rid of my Netflix addiction. By enabling any walk to be a success, I was able to get it done and maintain it.

What lessons did YOU take away from my journey or your own during or after corona? Please share below

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