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Different roles means different amounts of training

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

"So, you just decided that you were a life coach, and now you can tell people what to do?"

It's not uncommon when I am faced with this attack on my ability to get results for people.

The truth is that I used to be on their side two years ago before I took my 60-hour ICF accredited certification training.

I was accumulating experiences to put on my resume to get into a PsyD program. The competition is stiff, and even well-qualified candidates are turned down and cannot be accepted anywhere.

I had the summer off and thought, how can I do a last-minute boost to my resume, and I saw an ad for a three-month coaching program that fits perfectly into my break?

I thought it was a joke. How can a coach claim to do the same as I will be able to do once I complete 6-7 years of schooling? Totally absurd. Right?

Through the training program, I got a lot clearer with the differing roles of a life coach and a psychologist and realized that different roles need different types of training.

Who is more qualified to do their jobs? A neurosurgeon who went through 16 years of school, or an electrician who went to a three-month trade school?

The answer is that they are equally qualified in what service they are providing if they each stay in their lane.

The same is true for the differences between a life coach and a therapist. (pm me for two articles I wrote explaining the differences)

A coach with three months of training can be just as good in their lane as the therapist in their role.

Such a simple concept. Why do not people realize it? Why didn't I recognize it?

There is a massive bias of money and validating the hard work that I am putting in to become a psychotherapist.

This experience opened my eyes that my opinions should not be as firm as they once were to make more room for these paradigm shifts.

I thought coaching was this pseudo field, and now I believe in it with my own coaches for myself and becoming one myself for over two years.

What else do you think I can learn from this experience.

Lmk in the comments below:

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