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Self-Love vs. Self-Esteem vs. Self-Confidence

These terms are often conflated, and to avoid getting into wars over
semantics, let's operationally define them and use them as a reference
to three unique concepts.

Self-confidence- the internalized awareness of how one's abilities
affect the world
Self-esteem- the internalized belief that their importance is
unconditional to their performance, that they deserve to exist, exist,
and are meant for the purpose of meaningful nature.
Self-love- loving and caring for oneself as they would be to someone
else that they loved, cared for, and were responsible for.

The deepest layer is self-love, then self -esteem, then self-confidence.

Is this clear to you? Let me know your thoughts on the distinctions
and nuance of these.

“YES” is “NO,” and “NO” is “YES”

Oh man, Here Benson goes again!

Please hear me out.

When we say “YES” to something, we are lifting something higher on our
list of priorities.

If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority since nothing will
be given precedence over the other.

Therefore, “YES” to enough things dilutes our priorities and makes
saying “YES” to other things less likely.

In other words, saying “YES” to one priority is saying “NO” to another
since we have limited time, energy, willpower, focus, and attention.

Saying “NO” is saying “YES” to something else since our existing
priorities can only be maintained if we say “NO” to new ones that will
replace or dilute the existing ones.

So, by saying “NO” to a new project that is worthwhile but does not
match your existing priorities, it is announcing a massive yes to the
current goals, aspirations, and pursuits.

Let us learn to say “NO” more often to make room for what we are
already doing and understand that there is a price to pay for every

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