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Re-Establishing Balance v.s. Shutting Down Emotions

Breathe in, breath out


I was feeling anxious a while back, and I was trying to calm down.


I had a big block.


I was thinking about how I can shut out my anxiety when he is such a good friend of mine. (pm me if you want the article fear is my friend)


I brought this up with a friend of mine, and he said something brilliant.


He told me that you are not trying to shut your fears up; he said you address them head-on. Instead, you are trying not to let it be totally dominant in a way that it overwhelms you or drown out all your other parts.


I was floored.


So true! I was dealing with it head-on and have become much more comfortable with facing my emotions head-on.


By re-establishing balance through a behavioral exercise, I was giving myself back some functionality, so I can continue to face my fears without it disrupting my life.


So, let's breathe in and breathe out, not to shut down our unpleasant emotions, but to regain functionality balance and so that all our parts are heard, respected, and integrated.


Do you think that behavioral exercises are short term gimmicks that act as band-aids, or do you see them as the solution or somewhere in between?

Where in your life do you see the need to either become more friendly with your parts or to do more behavioral techniques to improve your life?


Lmk in the comments below

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