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Pros and Cons

Here are the pros of CBT:

Easy to implement
Materials are cheap and easily accessible.
Evidence-based treatment
Relatively fast results in a matter of months, not years
A relatively cheap form of therapy when compared to psychoanalytic therapies. It can be done without a therapist, and the training is relatively
Here are the cons of CBT:

The client must do journaling for a few months for optimal results.
The client must procure a journal and writing utensil.
The client must bring a journal to the session.
Does not address unconscious thoughts that may be causing the cognitive fallacies
A cheaper form of therapy
Does not resolve other situational factors that may contribute to the anxiety or depression

I see CBT, not as a modality of healing but as a tool to regain balance and functionality while psychodynamic therapy does the deep healing.

Balance and functionality ARE critical. However, conflating healing with them does no one a service, lest of all the client.

Does CBT resonate with you? Which pros or cons did I leave out? Lmk below.

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