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Learning from success v.s. learning from failure

I have found for myself that discovering my strengths and finding what works well is more valuable to figure out what works well for me.


I am reminded of a quote that there are 999 ways not to create electricity, but you only need one way to make it work.


Meaning that, of course, it is essential and helpful to figure t what went wrong when things do not work out.


However, it's far more critical to find out what went right because you do not need as many things to work for you than figuring out everything that does not work for you.


Both are valuable, but strength finding and discovering what works for you has been more compelling to me.


The thing with success is that there is no motivation to learn from it since we are in the invincible mode, and things are going well, so why stop and do a whole introspection and self-audit.


 If ain't broke, do not fix it. Right?


Wrong. That is the time we are least motivated to explore what went so right but have the most to benefit from it.


When things go wrong, we are more motivated to make something out of the situation and make meaning out of the pain and rejection of failure.


So, we are more motivated to draw lessons from experience, and that is what we should do but does not give you as much as your successes.


Which do you learn more from? Why? Lmk in the comments below.

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