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Before we launch into a discussion about this topic, lets first
introduce the technical language, concepts, and tools that a
psychodynamic therapist uses:

Before we do that, allow me to present a massive caveat:

Caveat- there are numerous forms of psychodynamic-oriented therapies,
including but not limited to:
Psychodrama- acting out (in various forms) parts of one's past that
were weighing on him.
Psychoanalysis- usually meets 3-5 times a week. Most of the time, they
don't face the therapist in session and lying on the couch, a more
intense and thorough version of psychodynamic therapy.
Logotherapy- focuses on finding meaning and purpose.
Klein vs. Logan- adding your analysis vs. passive approach of
receiving the client
Freudian therapy- five stages of psychosexual development, and people
get frozen at specific stages. Primary emotions are aggression and

The "Id," focuses on our primitive drives while the superego focuses
on morality, is at war, and the superego makes peace between them by
focusing on reality.

There are countless others as well: Attachment therapy, Object
relations therapy, Ego therapy, etc.

Psychodynamics is not only one type of therapy; it is also an umbrella
term that refers to many kinds of therapies that are worlds away from
each other in their goals, techniques, etc.

I think this offers us all hope since even if one type doesn't work,
there are still many more to try.

Which one of these types resonates most with you? lmk below

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