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I am a Huge HYPOCRiTE!

I was thinking this to myself a few months ago, and it was starting to get to me.


How can I possibly coach others if I have problems myself? A big question.


Authenticity and self-honesty are the core of who I am, and thinking about myself this way hurts.


Then I came to a realization.




Human beings are created with a body and soul creating an intrinsic endemic inevitable hypocrisy of our essences tied together and made up of the most opposite composites.


On a more surface level, too, we are ALL far better at helping others than ourselves.


Why is that?


Helping others does not involve experiencing the pain and discomfort of recognizing our flaws, addressing our sorrows, and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone.


We can be brilliant at helping others and entirely ineffective at improving ourselves. Our partiality blinds us in a way for ourselves that it does not when it comes to others, and that contradiction should not stop us from allowing the world to feel our impact.


So, if you are one who prizes consistency, realize that you ARE CONSISTENT. You are an incredible helper, healer, and service provider for everyone! You are a genius at it.


However, even the biggest geniuses, when there is a clear bias, their usual sharpness gets dulled and confused in favor of comfort zones and where there are the least pain and resistance.

The fear of hypocrisy for myself was rooted in insecurity of my honesty and needing to PROVE It to the world when I now recognize that I can trust that I am consistent in all of the significant ways even when I cannot see it because that is what I am about.


I realized that depriving the world of my abilities and impact for the cause of authenticity and consistency would be the most significant inconsistency of all: for me to allow my skills and influence to become misaligned and out of sync.


We all are hypocrites, and when people or ourselves throw that in our face to show us that we have no business helping others, let's lovingly but firmly let them know that we are hypocrites and proud of it!! That recognition alone puts us in an excellent place to help others.

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