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Getting "Technical"

"it's just a phrase."
"That just how I talk."
"I misspoke; it happens."

These are the responses that some give when they have "Freudian slips"
or word usage that reflects priorities that they do not want to admit
they hold.

Let us start with an example:

"What are you working on?"
"What are your dreams?"
"What do you do?"
"Is he a successful man?"
"Does he have a future?"

These phrases in today's culture mean only one thing: money.

Take this response to those questions and imagine the quizzical glance
they would give me:

"I am WORKING ON becoming the best version of myself, and MY DREAM is
to realize that and to help others achieve the same. WHAT I DO is
empower, facilitate, and work with others who are willing to help
themselves. I AM SUCCESSFUL because my priority is the impact I have
on others, my progress, and a constantly improving process. I HAVE A
FUTURE because I am willing to be helped and pointed in the right
direction by others who care for me or whose agendas align and who
carry more objectivity than I can for myself."

The principle here is that the language we use that comes from society
reflects unconscious societal values and the language we use that is
distinctive to ourselves reflect our unconscious priorities,
conflicts, needs, and desires.

Let us become sensitive to language, realizing that "getting
technical" is precisely what we need to do to expose the default of
society and ourselves and purposefully do an item analysis to see if
we subscribe to each concept.

Do you find that people get too technical with you? How do you see the
unconscious penetrating our language use?

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