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Externals and the Real You



Well, not exactly, but some will think that expressing the most external parts of themselves that they are showing you the "true you."


What a mistake.


Your deepest unique identity will be most on display when everyone is dressed the same, doing the same thing, in the same location.


How so?


Since your most authentic identity is not about WHAT you do, wear, etc. but instead, it's about HOW you do things. 


Let us get concrete.


Your intention, nuance of content, beliefs that guide HOW one does the action are going to define the character of the act far more than the WHAT of presentation and the other externals of WHICH action to take.


Of course, external can be a manifestation of one's deepest identity and, therefore, can be considered a legitimate expression of one's identity. 


However, the mistake is that the external is what makes us unique. If that is all that makes you the priceless person that you are, then there is very little that makes you unique.


Let us challenge ourselves to delve deeper into who we are and realize that our purest essences, because of how infinitely deep it goes, may be inaccessible to even ourselves. 

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